Review Excerpts

Lysistrata (2015)  "This Hurstified Lysistrata is virile, cheeky, over-the-top, and completely delivers on its promise of entertainment. The most fun you can have in a theatre this winter". (Metro)

The Lady Killers (2015)  "Credit must also be gvien to Michael Hurst's seamless stunt choreography that ensures the quick, often brutish exchanges are lively and impactful with no trace of stylised cholces". (Theatreview)

Pericles: Prince of Tyre (2014) "an incredibly well-choreographed fight scene ... it might be worth the price of admission for that fight alone". (Lumiere Reader)

King Lear (2013)  "One presumes Harrow's achievement was greatly aided by the double-duty of Michael Hurst, and that his advice to her as behind-the-scenes directorial consultant was as acute as that of his on-stage Fool to Lear". (Listener)

No Holds Bard (2012) "The script is a cracker... beautifully interwoven, funny, poignant and tailored to Hurst's many talents. It provides a full range of vocal and physical challenges and allows him to give vent to his astonishing emotional depth . . . There are sections that Stoppard would be envious of . . . " (Theatreview; reviewed as Bard Day's Night)

The Waste Land (2011) "The poem is given a startling voice and vitality in a theatrical interpretation by director Michael Hurst". (Theatre Scenes)

Killer Joe (2009) "The ending... involves the most thrilling, and realistic fight scene I have seen... The play is worth going to just to see these final two minutes alone". (Craccum)

The Three Musketeers (1989)  "Credit as well to Michael Hurst who has choreographed the most exciting duel I've ever seen on stage... " (The Sydney Morning Herald)

The Three Musketeers (1987) "Hurst (D'Atragnan), a professional fencer, choreographed the fights and trained his collegues in the delicate art of not swashing when they should buckle." (The Age)

"I lost count of the number of sword fights, but they were always entertaining, often the entire stage given over to struggling figures all of whom seemed to be familiar with a number of dirty tricks not taught in fencing schools.   D'Artagnan's last desperate struggle with his mortal enemy, Rochefort, was so heart-thumpingly exciting it well deserved the audience's spontaneous round of applause." (Australian)  




Theatre, Writing


No Holds Bard [aka Frequently Asked Questions, aka Bard Day's Night] (with Natalie Medlock and Dan Musgrove), world premiere at New Zealand International Arts Festival

2005 Jack and the Beanstalk, Auckland Festival 2005

Aladdin, Auckland Festival 2003


Aladdin, Watershed Theatre

1993 Jack and the Beanstalk, Watershed Theatre

ICTUS, Rhythmical Stress, Theatre Corporate

Rip Tide, Theatre Corporate (co-writer)

1977- 78

light lunchtime shows (as Court Theatre trainee)

1975 two one-hour comedy shows for fund-raising, Papanui High School, Christchurch

Theatre, Other

2017 Pleasuredome, Rob Tapert: Stage adaptation


King Lear, Circa Theatre: fight choreographer


Lysistrata, Auckland Theatre Company: adaptor

The Lady Killers, Auckland Theatre Company: fight choreographer


Jesus Christ Superstar, Auckland Theatre Company: fight choreographer

Second Afterlife, Young & Hungry Festival: fight choreographer

Luncheon, I'd Like to Thank Productions: fight choreographer

Pericles, Prince of Tyre, AUSA Summer Shakespeare: fight choreographer

Macbeth, Young Auckland Theatre Company: fight choreographer


Keanu Reeves Saves the Universe, The Basement Theatre Trust/Mercury Jane: fight direction


The Heretic, Auckland Theatre Company: fight choreographer


King Lear, AUSA Summer Shakespeare: Directorial Consultant

2012 Much Ado About Nothing, AUSA Summer Shakespeare: Production Advisor


The Waste Land, Auckland Theatre Company: adapted for stage

Venus Is, The Dust Palace: member of development team

Richard III, AUSA Summer Shakespeare: Artistic Supervisor

2009 Killer Joe, The Basement: fight choreographer
2007 Tis Pity She's a Whore, Silo Theatre: designer
2006 Mr. Marmalade, Silo Theatre: designer
2004 The Women, Silo Theatre: fight choreographer

Hamlet, The Large Group: producer


Hamlet, Mercury Theatre: fight choreographer

1989 Romeo and Juliet, Sydney Theatre Company: fight choreographer

The Three Musketeers, Mercury Theatre: fight choreographer


The Three Musketeers, Melbourne Theatre Company: fight choreographer

Romeo and Juliet, Mercury Theatre: fight choreographer

Les Liaisons Dangereuses, The Gods, Mercury Upstairs: fight choreographer

1986 The Trojan Women, Public Works Performing Arts Collective: coordinator
1986 Carmen, Mercury Theatre: fight choreographer

The Birthday Party, Court Theatre: set designer


The Nuns, Court Theatre: set designer

The Lion in Winter, Court Theatre: promotion

Ghosts, Court Theatre: promotion