Feature Films

Review Excerpts

We're Here to Help (2007)    "Michael Hurst as Rodney Hide, unrecognisable in this film . . . But, this great actor settles in to the role and nails Hide’s mannerisms." (The Lumiere Reader)

The Tattooist (2007) "Michael Hurst's brief turn as a Cockney-accented mentor to Sawyer is something to behold." (NZ Herald)

Jubilee (2000) "The first feature outing by Michael Hurst bursts with the characteristically effervescent energy of one of our most ferociously talented stage actors and directors." (NZ Herald)

"Michael Hurst’s warm and affectionate romantic comedy never loses its spark, remaining fresh, funny and unpredictable to the surprisingly bittersweet end . . . the warmth and tenderness with which Hurst treats his characters makes Jubilee a celebration . . . ” (The Dominion)

I'll Make You Happy (1999) "Hurst makes the most of his over-the-top role." (NZ Herald)

Desperate Remedies (1993)  " . . . it's as the scheming William Poyser that Michael Hurst finally gets a big screen role large enough for his ability." (Listener)

"New Zealand film Desperate Remedies has been given the thumbs-up by London's weekly 'what's on' bible, Time Out.  A review in the magazine . . . says the film . . . 'succeeds quite splendidly'.  It also calls the stars, Michael Hurst and Jennifer Ward-Lealand, New Zealand's answer to Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson." (Evening Post)

The Footstep Man (1992)  "Finally, a word about Michael Hurst as the French painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.  Excellent casting . . . Hurst is one of the saviours of quality acting in this country.  He brings an emotional poignance to his role . . . " (Stamp)



Treasure Island Kids: The Monster of Treasure Island, Daybreak Pacific Films

Treasure Island Kids: The Mystery of Treasure Island, Daybreak Pacific Films


Jubilee, South Pacific Pictures (watch trailer on NZ On Screen)


Bitch Slap, Epic Slap LLC; Rick Jacobson, director; 'Gage'

The Map Reader (filmed 2007), Arkles Entertainment; Harold Brodie, director; 'Ben'

The Last Magic Show (filmed 2005), Tamarillo Films; Andy Conlan, director; 'Trevor Norton'


We're Here to Help, South Pacific Pictures; Jonathan Cullinane, director; 'Rodney Hide'

The Tattooist, Eyeworks Touchdown, Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, New Zealand Film Commission, Daydream Productions; Peter Burger, director; 'Crash' (watch trailer on NZ On Screen)




Fracture, Kahukura Productions; Larry Parr, director; ‘Athol Peet’

Treasure Island Kids: The Monster of Treasure Island, Daybreak Pacific Films; Michael Hurst, director; 'ferry pilot'


I’ll Make You Happy, Ample Films; Athina Tsoulis, director; ‘Lou’

1998 Hercules and Xena—The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus (animated), Renaissance Pictures; Lynne Naylor, director; ‘Iolaus’ (voice)
1993 Desperate Remedies, James Wallace Productions; Peter Wells, director; ‘William Poyser' (remastered, re-premiered on 28 November 2016)
1991 The Footstep Man, John Maynard Productions; Leon Narby, director; ‘Toulouse Lautrec’
1986 Dangerous Orphans (aka, Vengeance), Cinepro Films; John Laing, director; ‘Moir’

Death Warmed Up, Tucker Production Co.; David Blyth, director; ‘Michael Tucker’ (watch trailer, clips on NZ On Screen)
Winner, Grand Prix, International Festival of Fantasy & Science Fiction Films, Paris

1983 Constance, Mirage Films; Bruce Morrison, director; ‘the photographer’
1982 Prisoners, 20th Century Fox in association with Endeavor Film Production; Peter Werner, director; ‘Sciano’


Hidden Apartheid: A Report on Caste Discrimination, Sapna.World Pictures; narrator

View from Olympus; Geoffrey Cawthorn, director; narrator