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800 Words
Michael directed episodes 2.3 and 2.4 for South Pacific Pictures/Seven Productions.  Starring Erik Thomson, Melina Vidler, and Benson Jack Anthony.  Click here for info.

Michael directed episodes 2.3, 2.4, 2.7, and 2.8 for South Pacific Pictures.  This prequel to Outrageous Fortune stars Antonia Prebble, David De Lautour, Dan Musgrove, and Esther Stephens.  Click here for info.

Terry Teo
Michael will guest star as Cornelius Jones in an episode of this revival of the classic Kiwi show, to air on TV2.  Click here for info.






14 May-18 June 2016:  King Lear
Michael is directing King Lear at Circa Theatre (Wellington), starring Ray Henwood.

"Circa Theatre celebrates its 40th anniversary in spectacular style, proudly presenting four theatre kings:  Lear, Shakespeare, Henwood and Hurst". Featuring Ken Blackburn (Gloucester), Carmel McGlone (Goneril), Claire Waldron (Regan), Neenah Dekkers-Reihana (Cordelia), Gavin Rutherford (Lear’s fool), Stephen Papps (Kent), Andrew Paterson (Edgar), Guy Langford (Edmund), Todd Rippon (Albany), Nick Dunbar (Oswald) and Peter Hambleton (Cornwall).


Theatreview:  "Hurst's direction is spectacular.  The story is clear, the characters developed … The musty, bleak world is balanced by some very fine comedy – I think a revelation for some in the audience … I adore the whole of the play.  It is done with energy, understanding and is compelling.  Clearly this is an important event in the Wellington theatrical calendar … I will definitely be going back"

The Dominion Post:  "Circa's production, directed by Michael Hurst … comes together with consummate ease in a simple, but innovatively staged version … that nevertheless doesn't distil any of the passion or emotion from the play … a wonderful sense of the epicness of the piece, while focusing on the lyricism of the dialogue. … well worth seeing".

Click here for info and to book.

Michael talked about the production on Radio New Zealand National's Upbeat on 12 April–listen online here.  Circa Theatre has posted rehearsal photos on their Facebook page; see them here.

3-4 June 2016: No Holds Bard
Michael will perform his solo show at the Tauranga arts festival, Escape!, in the Baycourt X Space at Baycourt Community & Arts Centre.  Click here for info; click here to book.

The show is over, the audience has left, and Hamlet comes home to his dingy flat to face the final curtain.  But can he make up his mind to do it?  Hilarity follows when Macbeth, King Lear, and Othello arrive to help the hapless prince decide whether or not to be or not to be ... or not.  No Holds Bard is an outrageous – and at times profound – view into one actor's attempt at self destruction.

" … a tsunami of a performance … feats of physical and mental ingenuity.  It elicits gasps as well as laughs, and shifts acrobatically between comedy of an almost stand-up nature and emotionally-rooted tragedy.  A breath of fresh Shakespeare air and a comedic head-bashing all in one!" (Edinburgh Spotlight)


March 2016: Path of Exile: Ascendancy
Michael voices Emperor Izaro in the Path of Exile: Ascendancy expansion pack, which will be released in March 2016.  "Entombed in his own creation, Emperor Izaro lives on.  With eternal patience, he is waiting for his invitation to be answered".  Learn more here; click here to begin playing Path of Exile.