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Website for Michael's solo show, No Holds Bard.


The Brokenwood Mysteries
Michael directed episode 1.03 "Playing the Lie" of these two-hour murder mysteries from South Pacific Pictures, to air on Prime.  Click here for info.

Lost Hope (on Facebook)
Michael is voicing the character Captain Hal Reiner in this comedic sci-fi space opera series from FoxBox Creative.

Death Walks into a Bar (on Facebook)
Michael played the God of War in this short film by writer/director Liam Wylie.

Our Big Blue Backyard (on Facebook)
Michael narrated this 6 episode documentary tv series produced by NHNZ for TVOne.

Michael narrated this documentary for TVNZ.  

Inorganic (on Facebook)
Michael plays Brett in the short film directed by Maria-Elena Doyle.






29 July-9 August 2014:  An Unseasonable Fall of Snow
Michael will star alongside Ryan Richards in this play at The Basement.  Produced by Theatre of Love with direction by Matt Baker, design by Ben Anderson, lighting design by Amber Molloy, and soundtrack by Ora Simpson.  Click here to book.


NZ Herald:  "The twist in Gary Henderson's short 1998 mystery is just the right level of difficult ... With slicked ash-blond hair, pin-stripe blue shirt and drawn demeanour, Michael Hurst as Arthur looks like an inspector in a Scandinavian detective novel ... Hurst keeps Arthur nicely close and guarded, while Richards' Liam is a nervous and flickering counterpoint"

Lumiere Reader:  "Hurst is stirring and enervating as Arthur, and the text really relies on him to keep the play moving along in the first half ... Hurst keeps it interesting ... a great play ... with two great performances"

Theatreview:  "an intriguing psychological study of the innermost private depths of the human condition ... It is not unseasoned with humour either, acerbic and cynical as it is ... Hurst maintains an impressive degree of truth in his portrayal of Arthur"

On 22 July, Michael was on bFM's My Morning Mixtape telling stories about favorite songs and talking about An Unseasonable Fall of Show; listen online here.

From the press release: "A compelling mystery, with an unforeseeable twist, that interrogates truth, consequences, and the ultimate value of human life.

New Zealand theatre hero Michael Hurst ... is the secretive and strategic interrogator Arthur ... Hurst says, 'I'm keen to be directed.  I love the process of exploration and to see how far we can go.  Theatre is in my blood ... I find I need to get back to the stage regularly or I go a bit mad'".

31 July-25 August 2014: The Generation of Z
Michael directed.  It will now be presented at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  Click here for info and to book.

21 August 2014: Spartacus: Blood and Sand ep 1.9, 'Whore'
Airing on SyFy in the US; Michael directed.

28 August 2014: Spartacus: Blood and Sand ep 1.12, 'Revelations'
Airing on SyFy in the US; Michael directed.

31 August 2014: Seating You fundraiser for Circa Theatre
Michael will be performing, alongside George Henare, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Ray Henwood, Jeffrey Thomas, and Awhimai Fraser.  Click here for info and to book.

4-27 September 2014: Trees Beneath the Lake
Michael will star as William Campbell in the world premiere of this Arthur Meek play. For Auckland Theatre Company at Maidment Theatre.  Click here for info and to book.

In the aftermath of the global recession, former golden boy William Campbell's political dreams and financial practices have hit the rocks. Facing an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office, he returns to his mother Nieve's Central Otago home in a last-ditch effort to salvage his marriage, fortune and reputation. However, the place is not what it used to be. Years ago the Campbells lost their battle to save the family orchard from being flooded beneath the waters of the Clyde Dam. Now, as Nieve's family reconvenes to fight for their future, the fiercely-proud matriarch accidentally shines a devastating new light on their past.

Past and present collide and startling revelations rip through genteel pleasantries, as a family steels itself once more for a fight to hold onto the past. The Trees Beneath the Lake examines the fictions we tell ourselves and those we love in order to keep our personal stocks high.

Urgent, relevant and dramatic.

16 September 2014:  Spartacus: The Complete Series
Starz has announced that the complete Spartacus series will be released as a box set, with extra content, on Blu-ray and dvd.  Click here for the press release. 
Michael directed 3 episodes of Spartacus: Blood and Sand ('Shadow Games,' 'Whore,' 'Revelations'), one of Spartacus Gods of the Arena ('Paterfamilias'), two of Spartacus: Vengeance ('Fugitivus,' 'Chosen Path') and two of Spartacus: War of the Damned ('Decimation,' 'The Dead and the Dying'.

14 February 2014 (for a season):  A Midsummer Night's Dream
Michael will direct for University of Auckland Summer Shakespeare. Click here for information on auditioning (auditions to be held 2-3 August 2014).